The International Freight forwarder in Kochi
The International Freight forwarder in Kochi

The pandemic period has shown us how important the logistic industry is. Especially in balancing the equilibrium of a nation's economical status. It's been clear to all of us what impact it could bring both as a boon and bane. As the top International freight forwarder in Kochi, Air Stream delivers admirable results. This article shows how the technological influence has impacted the logistic industry.


Technology has caused a shift in logistics patterns. The movement of commodities from producers, retailers, and wholesalers to end-users has changed. This is due to the evolution of modern business methods and technologies. Advancements in various technological sectors have had a significant impact on the industry.


IoT (Internet of Things)


One of the greatest revolutions in the technology sector happened with the introduction of this concept. The perks that it invited to the field were mind-blowing. Let's have a look at it. The top International freight forwarder in Kochi shows the importance of IoT In the logistic sector.


To improve transportation efficiency.


By maximizing performance while minimizing resources, you may maximize efficiency. By incorporating IoT into your freight strategy we can accomplish this complex process. Increasing multimodal visibility is one approach to saving money on transportation and logistics.


Consider how simple it would be to move freight if you could anticipate the future. What if you could provide vehicles with specific directions to avoid gridlock, bad weather, and high gas prices? The Internet of Things (IoT) makes this idea a reality. Furthermore, if problems arise, IoT devices notify you in real-time so you can respond immediately. Moreover, IoT provides you with more accurate information. Prior to shipping and improved visibility during transit, resulting in increased productivity.


To Save Money


By allowing drivers to access crucial information the corporation saves money on shipments. The information includes weather conditions, rest stations, and parking lots. It could Also locate optimal lanes and modes. Analysts can anticipate fuel usage depending on driving distance and road conditions.


With rising inflation and soaring fuel prices, cost-saving is more important than ever. Transportation businesses perceive a surprising benefit from investing in IoT technologies. Lower fuel price is one of the notable benefits.


IoT and Supply Chain


To Advance Safety Initiatives


IoT technology may increase safety for everyone, from the warehouse to the consumer. In 2020, a total of 213,100 warehouse-related injuries are reported. In addition, semi-truck accidents result in an average of 130,000 injuries and 4000 deaths per year. Seatbelts and airbags were the initial innovations in transportation safety. The Internet of Things is the next stage.


Any human-operated device or vehicle is dangerous. Through automation, the Internet of Things can lower the risk of industrial accidents or death. Amazon, for example, employs IoT in conjunction with moving robots in its warehouses. It has brought outs to improve packing safety and efficiency. 


90 per cent of all large truck crashes are due to driver mistakes. The rise of automated trucks will likewise improve safety.

To improve supply chain sustainability.


Green logistics is a hot topic in the supply chain, and customers are taking note. In fact, 47% of consumers say they've moved to different products or services. This is due to the violation of their values. Which is largely associated with environmental responsibility. 


Integrating IoT into your TMS can assist you efficiently. Specifically in determining the most efficient routes for the movement of freight. The movement from point A to point B while lowering fuel use and carbon emissions. Less waste and spoiling result from more efficient routes. 


This benefit is particularly important for the food, beverage, and medical industries. Which frequently export perishable items on short notice.

Increase customer satisfaction via IoT visibility


As stated prior, IoT greatly enhances intermodal visibility. which benefits both you and your consumers. IoT technology, for example, keeps your consumers informed and satisfied. 


By forecasting transit times before shipment and sending GPS signals during transit. Furthermore, investing in IoT gives reliable information about the status of your product. This could improve your consumers' entire experience.



IoT enables more intelligent transportation tactics by providing connectivity, security, analytics, and monetization. For transportation, the Internet of Things represents a long-term technical improvement. As a result, firms will become more nimble. 


Profit from more in-depth analyses, and create better client experiences. Also, deliver items securely and on schedule.

Perks of Technology 

Airstream is recognized as the top International freight forwarder in Kochi. The growth that we have achieved within this short time is the result of being updated in the field. 


Going up to date ahead of the tide offers mind-blowing service benefits. Have a brief look at it.

Expectations of Customers

Customers nowadays expect to receive their deliveries more early and on time. They want delivery options that are more flexible. As a result, those in the logistics business are under more pressure. 


An amicable solution to reduce delays and assure immediate delivery came up. As a result, technology aids in the maintenance of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and retention. Also, it aids in supply chain management and other associated variables.

Tracking in Real-Time

One of the most prevalent logistical expectations is that customers can track the delivery of their goods. Consumers of all types want to be able to track their orders. To see when they will arrive and if there are any problems in transit.


Because of recent software advancements, all-day tracking is now possible and expected. This transformation benefits not just consumers but also logistics companies. Tracking allows for cost and time savings as well as better planning. 


Clients can acquire information about their status online instead of dealing in the traditional way. Firms can also send automated messages if there are any changes to deliveries. There is more tracking of both shipments and automobiles. 


Superior vehicle tracking technologies are available. The majority of delivery vans come with GPS and other technology that allow them to be in real-time. This aids in the tracking and management of shipments for businesses. The use of real-time information available at all times improves efficiency.

Timely Maintenance

Another advantage that technology offers is the ability to deploy analytical maintenance tools. This could remotely investigate vehicles and identify flaws. Advanced Sensor-based technology is in use for preparing vehicle maintenance reports. 


This supports the detection of flaws and the completion of vital vehicle maintenance activities. Vehicles undergo good repair when on timely services. A decrease in Breakdowns causes an increase in reliability.




In addition to the aforementioned elements, organizations can monitor other aspects also. This includes speed limits, fuel consumption, and delivery time. Apart from that, the company can monitor adherence to road regulations. Also, the driver approaches using technology. Companies watch driver behaviour using the software. This helps to inform personnel driving when they are too fatigued.


Technology now plays an important part in the supply chain process at every stage. Advanced techniques are all contributing to better performance. As a result, these supply chains are becoming more efficient and accurate. This causes reduced human intervention. Critical tasks are being mapped in real-time. 


Also, it helps in fixing errors, while human effort is gradually diminishing. Supply chains will continue to evolve as technology advances. The future of logistics is, without a doubt, now. Customers will evaluate organizations based on how successfully they embrace these innovations.


Airstream is the leading courier service provider in Kochi. Noted as the top International freight forwarder in Kochi, Air Stream offers admirable services. It serves diverse customer requirements with almost sincerity.



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