Best Air Cargo Company in Kochi
Best Air Cargo Company in Kochi

Air is the fastest and safest path for freight movement. The medium offers a hassle-free and convenient passage. So it is the most sought-after one. If you are in the search to identify the best air cargo company in Kochi, then you shouldn’t ignore this blog. Here, we will be explaining, in brief, the functioning of a cargo transportation company. 

Air Cargo Handling with the top air cargo company in Kochi
Cargo handling is the most riskful and vital task involved in the whole process. But, with the ideal air cargo partners, the process is seamless and comfortable. Two of the initial primary steps in the process involve Booking and planning. Some significant work is to do before the shipment leaves the facility. A well-thought-out plan of action makes booking simple and alleviates certain common issues. Take the actions given below in order to accurately book your shipment. These procedures also cover the actions carried out by freight forwarders. These include the following

  • Receive shippers’ requests and check the security status
  • Receive shipper freight information
  • Plan the routing-direct or consolidation
  • Request capacity against forwarder or carrier inventories
  • Confirm capacity
  • Arrange  pick up of freight
  • Picked up from the shipper

How to Receive and Accept Air Cargo for Shipping
The next stage in logistics is to be aware of the air cargo acceptance for transit. There are several stockholders contributing to this multi-step process, including trucking firms, cargo service providers, and ground handling service providers, among others.

Safety is always a top priority for all stakeholders involved in the air cargo supply chain throughout the shipping process. Hence, it's crucial to make sure that packages are labeled and identified clearly and accurately. The packaging itself must also be appropriate for the contents and capable of shielding the items from harm.

Bring shipments into the domain of the carrier

The carrier domain can receive the products once the freight forwarding vehicle has arrived.  Also,  after the truck driver has notified the cargo handling agent of their arrival. It is generally advised to file electronically because they should have obtained the following details beforehand:


  • electronic information on an airway bill 
  • Information about electronic house waybills for combined shipments
  • truck type and number (if available)
  • estimated time of arrival (if available)
  • Needs for security screening (if known or available)

The driver will receive a time slot and place for unloading. Only after he receives information and the vehicle arrives. There are different spaces for things like hazardous materials, live animals, ULDs, medical supplies, and more.


Recognize shipments as ready for transportation

Airport cargo and ground handling staff must perform a number of actions. This is to satisfy the requirements to send goods by air before accepting a shipment as ready for carriage. They must first confirm that the shipments have received security clearance. Afterward, they must conduct a ready-for-carry check. This calls for checking that all the data matches the actual cargo. It also makes sure they are following all operational and embargo constraints. After everything has been examined, the data is updated and verified against the reservation. It is mandatory to ensure the consignments are in compliance with 


  • Carrier specifications
  • Export laws and regulations in your area
  • Airspace and transit airport rules and regulations (if any)
  • import laws in the country of destination

Ready the cargo for the flight

Airport cargo and ground handling staff can get the air cargo ready for flight after receiving shipments that are ready for conveyance. Receiving the products in transit requires another round of security clearance. Transit cargo is known as the items that are left on an aircraft while it is in flight. This transit cargo must undergo security checks from cargo and ground handling services, including x-ray and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) screening. The e-AWB, cargo integrity, and item count are all carefully examined. A build-up plan must be created once the carrier provides the pre-plan specifications. This plan specifies what air cargo needs to be assembled for flight and is provided to the warehouse.


Send packages on a flight

It is now time to transfer the loaded ULDs to a secure flight holding location, keeping all sensitive data in mind. If known, the ULDs can line up in order to prepare for ramp transit, ensuring no delay in aircraft. Awareness of any ground support equipment during loading and unloading is vital to prevent mishaps. All ground handling and cargo staff must have sufficient training on the norms and regulations of IATA.


The ramp handler now takes over custody of the air cargo from the warehouse operator. You would load the airplane in accordance with the load plan after clearly going through each of those stages and noting any provisions for special cargo. Any errors must be corrected by amending the electronic Flight Manifest after the aircraft has been loaded. The airplane can now take off. But the process of loading the cargo is not finished until the flight manifest, loading information, and carriage information have been mailed.


Our sophisticated cargo navigation and tracking system are unmatchable. We have installed cutting-edge technology to effectively track our cargo. Hence, we deliver prompt service without making scopes for any delay.  We have always been striving to push our boundaries. Furthermore, We know without updation there is no existence. Therefore, we have worked out vital amendments to our working structures. The change is a part of our process and we have accepted it wholeheartedly. The change is happening and it's for the better. 


Your Ideal Air Cargo service provider

Airsteam logistics is the one-stop solution for your cargo transportation needs. We efficiently cater to diverse customer requirements. Having begun our journey decades back in Kochi the brand manages to gain wide popularity. It has now evolved to become the best air cargo company in Kochi. 


The demand for global air freight is continually changing.  Airsteam will be your dependable partner in this unstable environment. we allow you to concentrate on your business while we handle the logistics of your airfreight. We are confident that we can discover the best option for you from our extensive selection of goods, service levels, and value-added services.


Pioneers in the industry, we know how to effectively handle your cargo transportation.  Also, We are one of the most innovative and straightforward logistics firms. Additionally, we offer the most affordable supply chain management services while maintaining the highest standards. A group of young experts with more than ten years of experience in offering solutions for global logistics has come together. Our customers may take advantage of highly effective, hassle-free logistics at competitive pricing thanks to our optimized solutions and committed service.


Airsteam Logistics offers transportation and logistics services within a single management structure. Providing all export and import-related services under one roof allows our business to provide multi-function services. This eliminates the constant requirement for the customers to liaise with multiple agencies.


Airsteam Logistics takes pride in prioritizing the needs of its customers above anything else. Logistics management is a tough task. We make the process reliable and transparent, and deliver consistent results for you. Indeed, we are happy to offer you prompt, effective, and transparent services. Our network of partners, vendors, and agents covers the whole wo

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